Ginza Calla Perfect Whitening Treatment

Perfect Whitening Treatment will have two steps:

✓ Boost Collagen
✓ Double Moisturizing
✓ Skin becomes Whiter, Firmer, Radiant

First, we will use Laser Whitening Treatment, there are 1064nm and 532nm wave heads, which can remove dark pigment in the shallow and deep layers, the dark skin absorbs enough light energy to burst and decompose the pigment, the pigment is directly blasted to epidermis, shedding with the skin keratin metabolism. The treatment can also achieved the effect of skin pore rejuvenation.

Second, we will process Double White treatment, selected from 7 Swiss alpine plant extracts, infused the whitening power of the Double White solution, and infiltrated Alphan arbutin and vitamin PP to pour 3 times the active whitening and repairing ingredients to the skin, disinte-grate the spots and brighten the complexion.

Areas You Can Choose:

Small part:
1. Nipples 2. Around Navel 3. Lower Navel 4. Forehead 5. Underarms 

6. Upper V-line 7. Two sides V-line 8. Back of hands & Fingers 9. Waist 10. Knees

Large part:
1. Chest 2. Abdomen 3. I line 4. O line 5. Upper arms 6. Forearms 

7. Upper Leg 8. Lower Leg 9. Upper Back 10. Lower Back 11. Hip