Ginza Calla Underarms Hair Removal

Underarms Hair Removal is the most popular part

Do you worry about the others will notice your underarm hair when you are raising your hands with sleeveless outfit in hot summer?

Many customers tried to use razors to remove underarm hair by themselves before, but it made the skin rough, dry and caused ingrown hair, and lead to embarrassing situations such as uncleaned shaving. In addition, the mixed sweat with underarm hair may make perceived unpleasant smell.

Laser hair removal is a longer-term hair removal option, Ginza Calla with a wealth of hair removal knowledge, experience and patented technology, we highly recommend you come to our shop to have a free consultation for underarm hair removal with our professional therapists.

It only takes 15 minutes to remove both sides underarm hair effectively. After finish the treatment, the therapist will apply beautify skin moisturizing spray which is developed exclusively by Ginza Calla, it contains six different beauty ingredients, which can keep your skin hydrated, calm and radiant.

Ginza Calla Underarms Hair Removal

Japan No.1 TriR Hair Removal Technology

Underarms Hair Removal Price

  • Underarms Hair Removal

    TriR hair removal technology

Treatment is not acceptable for the following persons:

  1. Pregnant
  2. Heart/valvar disease
  3. Hypertension
  4. Keloids or poor wound healing
  5. Photosensitive preparations
  6. History of allergies (sun/light)
  7. Currently taking medication
  8. Sunbathing or tanning for more than 48 hours
  9. Wax or laser within 4 weeks
  10. Chemical peeling

Instructions Before hair removal at Ginza Calla

  1. Within 6 weeks of laser treatment, do not use any photosensitive drugs
  2. Within 6 weeks of laser treatment, do not apply hair removal cream, hair removal, wax removal or laser
  3. Within 6 months of laser treatment, did not take Acutance or products containing retinoic acid
  4. Within 2 weeks of laser treatment, did not take Retinoic products

Instructions After hair removal at Ginza Calla

    1. Pay attention to sun protection within 4 to 6 weeks after It is recommended that exposed skin needs SPF> 45 sunscreen (special attention in summer).
    2. 4 hours to 5 days after treatment, try to avoid hot baths, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited, and do vigorous exercise, massage, sauna and other things that warm the
    3. If the skin appears blisters, redness or slight swelling, you can use cold towel or gauze for external
    4. Keep the hair removal area clean and dry for several days after treatment, gently wash twice a day, and then lightly apply the emulsion on the treatment
    5. If no blisters or lumps appear, make-up during the day is But in the process of removing makeup, try to avoid skin damage and infection.
    6. Due to the sensitive skin after hair removal, do not scrub or use exfoliating products within 7 Do not use chemicals or drugs on the treatment site by yourself within 1 week after treatment.
    7. Do not apply any chemical or drugs on treatment area within 1 week after


Consultation process was fast. I have top up for a machine that gives better results, but there was no hard sell at all.

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