Ginza Calla Lower Arms Hair Removal

Wear Tank Top in Summer

Needless to mention the season of wearing vest, sometimes you may take off the shirts or roll up the sleeves and inadvertently show the skin of elbow to wrist, which is the lower arms. This part is also constantly noticed by the others, and it is necessary to do the hair removal. Thus, lower arms is one of the most popular hair removal parts in Hong Kong.

However, the intention of finding professional hair removal is frequently delayed, because people think that they can use a razor to shave arms hair frequently, but shaving simply gets rid of hair at the surfacea, which is why it grows back so quickly.

360° All-Rounded Lower Arms Hair Removal

If a little careless when shaving the hair can easily cause skin dry and rough or even damage the skin. And you run the risk of the hair being more visible as it grows back.

Ginza Calla removing the hair while whitening the skin, it helps to solve the problems of ingrown hair and folliculitis, confidently show smooth and flawlessh arms.

Ginza Calla Full Arms Hair Removal

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Full Arms Hair Removal Price

  • Upper Arms or Forearms Hair Removal
  • Full Arms Hair Removal
  • Back of Hands & Fingers Hair Removal


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