Ginza Calla Facial Hair Removal

Every Girls Has Facial Hair

Every girls has facial hair, there are two types which are vellus hair (‘peach fuzz’) 

and terminal hair.

Vellus hair is very fine and translucent. You may be able to see vellus hair 

on your cheeks, forehead, upper and lower lips, neck, chin in bright sunlight. 

Terminal hair is darker and thicker, they are on your upper and lower lips, sideburns, neck, and chin. 

Face Shaving May Damage Your Skin

Face shaving carries the risk of nicks and cuts that may bleed and sting.

It takes an extra effort and valuable time to shave face by ourself, not to mention if you have dry or sensitive skin, it may cause your skin get razor burn and feel uncomfortable, it may also cause flaking and itching.

Facial Hair Removal Disocunt Offer

Ginza Calla understand the girls’ needs, suffering from unwanted facial hair is absolutly a chore, you may be annoyed by the vellus hairs on your face, furry lips, messy eyebrows, dark shadows and fuzzy sideburns.

In case you have dry skin, shaving may dry it out further and feel uncomfortable. Shaving may also cause flaking and itching.

If you’re looking for longer-term hair removal solution, we are highly recommended the customers to find our professional and experienced therapist for facial hair removal treatment in order to have flawless skin.

Facial Hair Removal

Ginza Calla provides facial hair removal treatment. It can give you a smoother appearance, which allows for makeup to apply smoother, make your makeup look better, skincare products absorb better, and help promote collagen production.

To achieve a totally smooth face, we’ll help our customers to apply beautify skin moisturizing spray which is developed exclusively by Ginza Calla, it contains six different beauty ingredients, which can keep your skin hydrated, calm and radiant.

Unwanted facial hair can be one of the most uncomfortable and stressful forms of excess hair. It is always there on display and not easy to cover up. Basic facial hair removal like shaving only increases it or creates stubble which is even worse.

Ginza Calla facial hair removal treatment is very effective for all parts of the face such as upper lip, cheeks, sideburns and jaw. The price is reasonable and affordable, after finish the treatment, you will own silky smooth skin that allows makeup to go on better, and save the expensive skincare products. Thus, delicate and beautiful girls will definitely go for the facial hair removal.

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Do you still experience the following conditions during your daily skin care?

1. Any exfoliating products doesn’t work?

2. Makeup foundation not sticky and easy to dissolve?

3. Using expensive skincare products and can’t absorb them?

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Advantages of full face hair removal

1. Skin and pores improved

2. Reduce using the razor, reduces the burden and dryness 

3. Activated cells in terms of promoting collagen proliferation

Ginza Calla Full Face Hair Removal

Japan No.1 TriR Hair Removal Technology

Full Face Removal Price

  • Facial Hair Removal
  • Upper Lips / Forehead / Chin / Sideburns Haiir Removal


No hard selling. I will recommend my friends come to experience their service. The consultation was fast and reservation was made without hassle.

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