Ginza Calla Full Body Hair Removal

Enjoy Painless Full Body Hair Removal Treatment!

Are you looking for ways to remove facial or body hair permanently, 

get the full body hair removal treatment in Ginza Calla ! 

Ginza Calla aims to provide high-efficiency hair removal experience for our valued customers.

Some customers may think that only remove the parts that people can see 

such as face, underarms, arms, and legs would be enough. 

However, there are still several body parts that we may neglected. 

Why don’t we take this opportunity to get all done at one time with one price? 

Imagine never having to pack your razor for your weekend getaway and 

never worrying about annoying leg hair!

It’s time to have a real smooth and flawless body!

  1. Body whitening and help solving the problems of ingrown hair and folliculitis
  2. 360 ° smooth and flawless body
  3. Effective, Efficient and Painless

Everyone’s hair color and skin type are different, so the hair removal progress varies; however, our premium hair removal machine can treat all skin colors and hair types.

Ginza Calla 360 ° Full Body Hair Removal

Front Side

Back Side

Full Body Hair Removal

Ginza Calla has professional knowledge and experience for full body hair removal treatment. In order to satisfy different needs of our valued customers, Ginza Calla provides different hair removal packages for more than 25 parts of the body, target hairs all over the body, achieve smooth skin from top to toe, even on sensitive and hard to reach areas such as the bikini line or VIO area.

Our state-of-the-art hair removal treatment offer results that last, leaving you with smooth, comfortable skin and a permanent reduction in hair, it is not only save your valuable time and effort, but also save your money. That’s why Ginza Calla is so popular in Japan.  It is perfect for who want to pursue beauty in a short period of time.

Ginza Calla Full Body Hair Removal

Japan No.1 TriR Hair Removal Technology

Full Body Hair Removal Price

  • 👑 LITE Full Body Hair Removal

    1. Upper Arms 2. Forearms 3. Underarms 4. Thighs 5. Calves 6. Knees 7. Upper Back 8. Full Bikini (VIO)

Hair Removal Tips

According to HKU research reveals that there are 40% adults who are experienced inappropriate hair removal procedures. Using razors, hair removal cream, household hair removal machines, may causes skin burns, folliculitis or even cellulitis!

  1. Unexpected ways waxing will damage your skin
  2. Depilatory creams and home waxing causes skin irritation
  3. At-home hair removal devices will cause blindness

The following people is not allowed to have laser hair removal treatment

  1. Pregnant woman
  2. Heart disease patients
  3. Hypertensive patients
  4. Patients with photosensitive skin
  5. Patients with scarring constitution
  6. People who have recently taken photosensitive drugs (e.g. aspirin/antibiotic)
  7. Patients who have been exposed to the sun for a long time or have been tanned for more than 48 hours
  8. Those who have had peeling treatment within half a year
  9. Those who have undergone chemical peeling treatment within half a year


The therapist made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the session. She is so meticulous. The treatment was value for money. I have already bought their full body package after the first session.

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